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Faith Leaders 2016-2017

The Faith leaders hold a weekly RE/Prayer session with a small group of children from Year 3. The children put together a set of lessons packed with thought-provoking activities and objectives. They use scripture as a tool for discussing real life issues and set up a prayer area for the children to use at the end of the session. Each child from Year 3 attending the group has a faith leader exercise book for the work they produce. These books are marked by the Faith Leaders each week and monitored by the staff. These children also help to plan any masses, liturgies and assemblies and present to parents at the various liturgical celebrations we hold.

At the start of each academic year, the children are presented with their Faith Leader badge at our whole school mass and blessed by the Priest.

Faith Leaders
Grace Churchill-Delaney
George Cassidy
Clara Aird
Rachel Hickey